Kenworth K-200 Prime Mover:


Well she arrived nearly two weeks ago now and I’m still besotted! A true 1:50th scale diecast truck collectors model in every sense of the word… Commissioned by Drake Trailers of Australia to help advertise and promote their products. Models available: Kenworth (Australia) T909 Conventional prime mover. Kenworth (Australia) K200 C.O.E. prime mover. Drake 3X8 swing-wing trailer and 2X8 dolly. Drake 4X8 swing-wing trailer and 2X8 dolly. Unlike the prime movers the trailers are not available separately and can only be purchased as a “rig” (truck & trailer). All model are available in a variety of well known Australian heavy haulage contractors as well as some in selected Kenworth plain single colour versions such as my “Rosso Red” K200 The original model manufacturer has gone bust (TWH) but Drake Trailers own all the casting moulds so future supplies should be possible but whether or not they will be up to TWHs high standard without a huge price increase remains to be seen. Features list: Driver and passenger doors open Functioning Air ride seats Functioning independent suspension Pivoting 2.8M sleeper cab Locking fifth wheel Sliding fifth wheel Bogie drive Realistic engine detail Suspension detail Realistic hose detail Wire mirrors Rubber tires Metal rims Rubber mud flaps Detailed interior including sleeper Right hand drive Photo etched heat shields over mufflers Australian license plate The real Kenworth K200 is now only produced in Australia where some multi-trailer length restrictions favour a Cab Over Engine style of prime mover. Along with another rather beautiful COE (the Freightliner Argosy), they are perhaps the last of their kind, some up-rated European trucks (Scania, Daf and Volvo for instance) are now making headway into the market and these wonderful 100% “Aussie” machines with all their chrome “bling” may well go the way of the dinosaurs. The last real stronghold of the Kenworths, Peterbilts, Macks, Western Stars and Freightliners are in the north and west of the country pounding down the frequently boggy dirt highways of the true outback, hauling the ubiquitous three-trailer roadtrains. The model comes with a removable “Oversize” warning sign but without a bull-bar, so I made my own and this can be attached or removed as required. Also in the very nicely finished box which comes in a Kenworth branded outer sleeve, there is a high-gloss reproduction of the Kenworth fold-out sales brochure for the K200 and a tool to operate the fifth wheel and excellently fitting cab doors. I have been working on a “B-Double” set of trailers to go with this beauty and of course will post some photos when they are finished. And yes, I do take this model to bed with me at night, it sits on my bedside table out of the cats way but It still doesn’t stop them getting their hair all over it though! Thanks for looking. Pete.

k202 k203 k204 k205 k206 k207 k208 k209 k210 k211 k212 k213 k214 k215 k216 k217 k218 k219 k220 k221 k222

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2 Responses to Kenworth K-200 Prime Mover:

  1. Mike Lopez says:

    wow, excelent work in the bull-bar.

    how did you do it?
    need one for my own!

  2. Just knocked it up out of “Evergreen Styrene” bits and pieces…

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