Model Cranes:

The amazing world of diecast model cranes….

Welcome to my little bit of space on the web for showcasing my growing collection of 1:50th scale die-cast model cranes.

I will try to do a write-up about the setting up of each crane perhaps mentioning a little bit about the relative merits or faults encountered along the way.

These articles are in no way intended as “professional reviews”, (there are plenty of those on the www already), they are simply my own thoughts. If they help a would-be buyer to make a purchasing decision then it’s all to the good but don’t blame me if you don’t like what you get!

Please enjoy what you find here, any questions-please ask!

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2 Responses to Model Cranes:

  1. Richard Sleichter says:

    Enjoy your web page. Question: Worked for Grove for 35 years. Now retired in Palmetto, Fl.
    I have a couple of Grove white TM1275’s. I know this die cast model was a limited edition made
    in Germany. With living getting tough for us old golfers, was wondering if you could give me an
    idea of what this crane is worth. In box (N Z G Modelloe, Art. Nr. 152. Thanks.

    Dick Sleichter

    • Hello Dick,
      Thanks for your message, a quick internet search suggest that your model is worth anything between $100 – $225 depending on the condition of the model and state of the box.

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